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Successful land development begins with successful acquisition.

Determine the market region best suited for a development.

Determine a market region best suited for development using maps and data that identify new-construction, absorption rates, school district boundaries, driving distances, traffic counts, anticipated trip generation, land availability, future land uses, utility locations, recorded plat trends, water CCNs, sewer CCNs, and electric service boundaries.Development opportunities can be narrowed down to regions with consideration of these factors.


A suitable region is determined.

After a region is identified attention is directed to specific tracts of land. Net buildable areas are determined by excluding easements, flood plains, environmental areas, steep topography, conservation districts, and proposed political acquisitions. If net buildable envelopes are suitable, three dimensional models are produced using preliminary data and jurisdictional design constraints. Estimates are then produced to determine site feasibility.


Site is economically feasible.

If a site is feasible additional information is obtained from meetings with jurisdictional staff, site visits and surveys to ensure actual site conditions and boundary constraints are consistent with those utilized for preliminary modeling. Preliminary designs are further detailed, utility capacities are assessed, subsurface conditions are investigated, storm discharge mitigation is calculated and jurisdictional fees are determined.A detailed schedule of values and entitlement-through-completion activity schedule is generated so the developer may determine carry costs and manage cash flows.