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Site Construction Management

Project Engineers streamline construction

Subcontractor Coordination:

  • Advertise to bidders and provide inquiry responses to all prospective bidders
  • Ensure laps and gaps are addressed in subcontractor agreements
  • Recommend lowest responsive bidder to developer
  • Schedule and coordinate subcontractor work activities
  • Review pay applications for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with agreement terms



  • Coordinate pre-construction meeting with city staff and subcontractors
  • Conduct regular job site progress meetings and discuss four week outlook
  • Request phone, cable, and electric service and schedule installation
  • Complete punch list work items and receive letter of acceptance for ownership and maintenance
  • Provide meeting minutes to developer



  • Periodically inspect subsurface facilities to ensure compliance with regulations and agreement terms
  • Coordinate fill, subgrade and base testing, review results, and disseminate reports
  • Request water samples be obtained for water quality testing
  • Review work completion for final pay application and release of retention
  • Perform final walk-through with staff and subcontractors to determine incomplete construction